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Asides the everyday financial products rendered to individuals and organizations, Rosabon Financial Services is gravitating towards other industries which are of great importance to the society at large, most especially the services we do not offer.

These industries include but are not limited to Health, Education, Lifestyle and Tourism.

Rosabon Financial Services seeks Corporate Organizations (Partners) offering these services, whose insight and support would help in our drive in providing affordable financing options to individuals and organizations in need of them.

The Rosabon Partnership Program provides these organizations with funding assistance needed to help them build, run and grow a profitable business in their industries.

We desire an encompassing partnership with no limitations. Do you have an idea or product we can work together on? There is really no better time to become a Rosabon Partner!

We will like to hear from you, please fill out the partnership form below and we will get back to you.

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Rosabon Education Support Initiative (RESI)

In a country where 70% of its population still live under $2/day and the middle class is still growing, private education is considered a huge feat for many families. With RESI, we aim to bridge the gap for parents that struggle to provide private education for their children.

We are willing to partner with Schools and other Education Facilities owners on all levels for this project.

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Rosabon Travel Initiative (RTI)

Over the years, there has been a sharp increase in the number of Nigerians travelling abroad for holidays. RTI was developed to take up the financial burden of funding these trips while making travel more affordable.

RTI welcomes partners from the Aviation Industry and Travel Agencies.

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Rosabon Group Loans

We realize that monthly salaries are usually not sufficient for quite a number of employees as their expenses outways their income. At Rosabon, we provide group loans to organizations who in turn disburse them to members of their staff.

Corporate Organizations are welcome.

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Medical Equipment Leasing Initiative

The decreasing level of human and infrastructure resources for health care has resulted in a consistent increase in medical tourism. However those who cannot afford this are left to seek inferior health care which may have grave consequences.

Rosabon Financial Services seeks to provide leasing options for new and/or refurbished medical equipment to make the equipment readily available to those who are in dire need. We finance the procurement of these medical equipments for hospitals while they see to the day-to-day running of their business operation.

For partnerships, we consider medical equipment suppliers, hospitals, health centres and other medical facilities.

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