Rosabon Lease Broker

Rosabon Financial Services is offering you a chance to be its business partner. RFS, currently expanding its business with the view of taking advantage of emerging opportunities, has launched a new product just designed for you. Provide information or link leading to a successful execution of Operating Lease / Fleet Management and you earn as much as possible. As long as you meet our requirements, you are in for a bumper harvest!

RFS Broker-Agent will be an individual or institution who has information or can link RFS to a valid Operating Lease / Fleet Management contract. Also, if you have the contract and you are looking for a financier, RFS is here for you. Earn as you bring in the contracts!

  • It is a veritable source of income for all potential brokers.
  • It is an additional source of income for practicing brokers.
  • It is also an additional source of income for individuals in paid employment working in institution / firms that have investible funds.
  • Compensation / commission is very attractive, sustainable and payable in a ratio of 70% upfront and 30% at maturity or equal installment of 1.5% of the contract value on a yearly basis.
  • Compensation / commission is payable as and when due without delay.


  • Rosabon Financial Services is a well structured organization with over 16years experience in its chosen business.
  • The board and management staff of the company is composed of people with astute integrity and vast experience.
  • The company provides unique products designed to meet the needs of our customers.
  • Our rates are highly competitive and one of the best in our industry.
  • Our core values are hinged on integrity and sound business practice.
  • Our objective in service delivery is to exceed our customers’ expectation as “customers’ satisfaction is our passion”

The following are the processes by which any individual or institution from anywhere in the country can relate with RFS in establishing relationship as Broker-Agent;

  • Ensure that there is a valid unexecuted Operating Lease / Fleet Management contract from a credible and responsible organization.
  • Register with RFS as a broker. You can download the form from this link.
  • Read through our Terms and Conditions as shown below. If it is acceptable to you, fill out the form, scan and e-mail same to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ; or submit the hard copy to our office at 32, Montgomery Road, Yaba, Lagos.
  • Once approval of your Broker-Agent status is communicated to you, a meeting will be scheduled between RFS and you to discuss the existing contract and its peculiarities. If you are not physically present, other means of communication such as email, telephone or any other communication channel that is convenient for you shall be made use of.
  • An Account Officer shall be assigned to you to relate directly with you as it concerns the transaction.
  • You are expected to facilitate a meeting between the Client Company and RFS where our proposal will be presented.
  • As soon as our proposal is accepted by the client and all the necessary documents are signed by both parties (RFS and Client company), you will be required to complete (fill out) our brokerage processing form which can be downloaded for onward processing of the brokerage fees.
  • On Management approval, 70% of the total brokerage due to the broker will be processed and paid within 24hours while the balance of 30% will be paid at the end of the tenor of the facility. OR brokerage fees may be paid in equal installment of 1.5% of the contract value on a yearly basis over the tenor of the facility. Please be informed that payments are made only by cheques and not cash.
  • If the contract is cancelled by the client company before the agreed tenor, Broker-Agent gets 0.5% of the severance package received by RFS from the client company.
  • If the contract runs through the tenor without default or cancellation, Broker-Agent gets an additional 0.5% of the contract value.


Rosabon Financial Services