Asides providing Loans, Leases, Investments and other financial products to individual and corporate markets, Rosabon Financial Services is gravitating towards making an impact in other industries including but not limited to; Health, Education, Lifestyle, Real Estate and Tourism.

To effectively achieve this, there is a need to work with Corporate Organizations (Partners) in these industries whose insight and support would help in our drive to provide affordable financing options to individuals and organizations in these industries.

The Rosabon Partnership Program is for organizations aiming to become market leaders in their industries while achieving business growth and profitability.

Rosabon Financial Services will provide these organizations with funding assistance needed to help them build, run and grow a profitable business whilst adding value to the economy at large.

We desire an encompassing partnership with no limitations. Do you have intriguing ideas or product(s) we can partner on? There is really no better time than now to become a Rosabon Partner!

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