Then let your asset work for you!

You can achieve all your financial goals and
responsibilities with the Rosabon Asset Cash
Loan (ACL).
ACL affords you the unrestricted opportunity
to access a loan of up to 15 million Naira
and above by using your vehicle as an Asset
against the loan.

money image
money image

This Loan facility comes with a repayment plan of up
to 24 months (2 years) which makes repayment easy.
It can’t get better than this!

What’s more? You still have unrestricted access to the
use of your vehicle for your regular day-to-day or
business activities, making the attainment of financial
goals easy.

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Illustration: Loan amount of N5,000,000 borrowed for a period of 24 months. Monthly Interest Rate:2.50% . Monthly repayment:337,850.00 Total repayment: 8,108,400.00
*Please note that interest rate may vary depending on client’s risk level.

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