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The Rosabon Credit Cash Back is specially packaged for existing Treasury clients and customers of Rosabon Financial Services who operate Rosabon Win Big Note (RWIN), Rosabon Treasury Note (RTN) and Rosabon Earnings Plan (REAP) accounts.

Customers are given quick loans at a very reduced rate to solve urgent financial needs without disrupting their monthly savings plans or compromising on their long term goals.

This product allows customers gain access to more than their current placement with Rosabon while paying back conveniently.

  •   Attend to urgent financial needs without disrupting long term investment plan
  •   Accrue more interest on current investment
  •   Highly affordable interest rate
  •   Structured repayment plan
  •   Indicate your interest in the “Credit cash Back”
  •   Fill out the application and client information form
  •   Provide necessary documents including:
    • 2 passport photographs
    • 2 Valid forms of identification
    • Updated company bank statements etc

  Loan Calculator

: ₦ 200,000.00


: 6 Months

Monthly Payment: ₦0.00

 Please note that this is just a rough estimate and not the actual monthly repayment.

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