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Increase your working capital, expand your business

The Rosabon Emerging Enterprise Fund- REEF is an all-encompassing financial package created to help SMEs strike a balance between expenses and investment such that they can now cater to their daily operational needs while ensuring they have adequate funds set aside for other long or short term plans.

In addition with REEF, SMEs can now access business loans for working capital and other needs, while they have their future safely secured.

  •   Free access to quarterly business seminars specifically designed for SMEs
  •   Access to affordable business loans
  •   Interest on investment can be collected upfront to fund working capital needs
  •   A dedicated Newsletter database
  •   Dedicated helpdesk to assist should you have enquires
  •   Free publicity on our website
  •   Completed application form
  •   Letter from principal partners authorizing the business relationship
  •   Certificate for registration of business names
  •   Passport photograph of appointed signatories to the account
  •   Means of identification of appointed signatories to the account
  •   Valid utility bill (PHCN, Water bill, etc)
  •   Rosabon duly completed KYC form

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